AUGUST 18, 2000

Ford boss Nasser disappointed with Jaguar performance

FORD MOTOR COMPANY boss Jac Nasser has told of his disappointment with the Jaguar Racing team.

Nasser, who was a guest of Ford-powered Jaguar at the Hungarian Grand Prix, stated that he feels that he was unrealistic in his expectations of performance from the team.

"I think the year has been clearly disappointing for the team," he commented after the race where Irvine finished in 8th and Herbert retired before the end.

"In many ways, I think we were unrealistic in terms of our performance expectations."

"It is a little frustrating," he added.

He continued saying that the key to success was to build the team in an "intelligent and evolutionary way" and that it wasn't a process that could be done over night.

After the Stewart team was taken over by Jaguar, Jackie Stewart stood down from his position as Chairman and CEO and was replaced by Neil Ressler, a former colleague of Nasser.

"Neil is in the hot seat and I think he is the right person at this time," he said. "He is giving it everything he has got, and that is a lot. We are fully behind him."

He finished saying that he was very happy with the image potential and technology that F1 has contributed to the Jaguar brand.