AUGUST 13, 2000

UFA may get bigger slice of Prost

TEAM OWNER Alain Prost is on the verge selling further shares to German company UFA.

UFA, who also own the team's marketing rights, already own 10 per cent of the French team and are set to acquire a further 50 per cent of Prost.

Sources close to the team have said that the proposed deal is worth approximately $60 million (US Dollars) and will enable team boss Alain Prost to stay in control and be in the position to buy a new engine after the confirmed withdrawal of Peugeot at the end of the season.

With Gauloises and Bic stalling on their options to renew sponsorship with Prost, UFA also have the ability to bring in new contributors with extensive contacts in Europe.

However, sources close to David Hunt, brother of 1976 world champion James, insist that he is close to doing his own deal with Prost that will see the team re-named Lotus next season.