MAY 8, 2000

Jaguar confirms Ressler

AS we predicted exclusively, Jaguar Racing has confirmed that Neil Ressler is to be the new chief executive of the team. Ressler will remain Chief Technical Officer of the Ford Motor Company but his supervision of the company's advanced research division will be handed over to Will Boddie, Ford's Vice President of Global Core Engineering and Bill Powers, ViceÊPresident of research.

The team also announced a restructuring of its board of directors with the appointments of Wolfgang Reltzle, Chairman of Jaguar Cars, Jonathan Browning, Jaguar's Managing Director and Richard Parry-Jones, Ford's Group Vice President for Global Product Development, all joining the board. Jackie Stewart remains a director and will work with the team's CommercialÊDirector Rob Armstrong to find more sponsorship for the team.

Ressler is expected to begin a major restructuring of the team. He has already announced plans to find a head of marketing for the team and there are expected to be additions to the existing management, which is virtually unchanged from StewartÊGrandÊPrix days.

Ressler confirmed that the team has committed to building a new windtunnel but said that it has yet to be decided where this will be located.