DECEMBER 7, 1998

Aerodynamicists on the move

THE Formula 1 aerodynamicists are some of the most important men in Grand Prix racing and in recent weeks several of the top names have been on the move. The moves began with the departure from Ferrari of Wilhem Toet and his replacement by Nick Tombasis, who had worked with Toet at Benetton and then at Ferrari. This was followed by the departure from Sauber of Rene Hilorst to join Team Toyota Europe in Cologne.

Now one of the most highly-rated of all the windtunnel men, Egbahl Hamidy has left Stewart. This appears to have happened after the arrival in the team of Gary Anderson. Hamidy spent eight years at Williams before moving to Stewart in 1996 to be head of the aerodynamic department, working mainly at the Swift windtunnel in San Clemente, California.

The Iranian-born British engineer is unlikely to be out of work for long...