NOVEMBER 9, 1998

Ressler at Cosworth

THE Ford Motor Company's gradual takeover of hands-on management of its Formula 1 program continued last week with the low-key announcement that it has appointed Neil Ressler as Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of Research and Vehicle Technology and chairman of Cosworth Racing.

Ressler, who is currently VP of Advanced Vehicle Technology, is also a director of Stewart Grand Prix and was one of the prime movers in the company's decision to link up with Jackie Stewart in F1, despite the fact that the move went against all conventional logic. Cosworth's interim managing-director Dick Scammell will continue to work under Ressler until a new Ford man is appointed.

There remains much speculation in Formula 1 circles that some kind of deal is being worked on between Ford and DavidÊRichards's Prodrive which will result in the former Benetton boss taking over the running of Stewart Grand Prix. The team says that there are no plans for such a move.