SEPTEMBER 28, 1998

Williams confirms Zanardi and Schumacher

AS we have been predicting for some time, Williams has finally confirmed that it will be running Alex Zanardi and RalfÊSchumacher in 1999 and the year 2000. Zanardi will begin testing with the team in Barcelona for three days this week and Chip Ganassi is expected to accompany him to the test. The pair will then fly back to the United States for the CART race in Houston. Alex may do another three-day test with Williams later in October.

"Williams may not have had a great year so far," said Zanardi, "but they have the technical potential to regain their normal position which is fighting for every race win. I hope to be part of that."

Zanardi will be the second driver Williams had taken from CART in recent years, following in the footsteps of JacquesÊVilleneuve. The arrival of Zanardi is also a big bonus for F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone because it not only deprives CART racing of its champion for the last two years but also gives F1 another big name which American fans will recognize when the sport returns to the United States in the year 2000. We expect that F1 will try very hard to poach the 1999 champion - whoever that may be.

It will be Zanardi's second F1 career, having been a Team Lotus driver in 1993 and 1994.