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AUGUST 31, 1998

Anderson at Arrows, Barnard for Prost

JORDAN may have won its first Grand Prix this weekend in Belgium but the team's technical director Gary Anderson will not be staying with the team and the word in the paddock at Spa was that Anderson will shortly begin work as the new technical director of Tom Walkinshaw's Arrows operation.

Anderson has a contract with Jordan until the end of 1999 but this is expected to be cancelled. Jordan has already brought in Tyrrell's deputy technical director Mike Gascoyne to head the design team of the Jordan-Mugen Honda 199. If the move is confirmed Anderson will find himself working with aerodynamicist Darren Davies, who was previously at Jordan. While the technical team is now expected to settle down at Jordan we expect there to be some management changes announced within the next few weeks.

Former Arrows technical director John Barnard is expected to be confirmed in a consultancy role with Prost Grand Prix in the next few weeks. Barnard and Arrows boss Tom Walkinshaw have fallen out over budgets in recent months but Barnard will not be free to work for Prost until a settlement has been agreed with Arrows. He is, however, the part-owner of B3 Technologies, a precision engineering firm in Shalford, Surrey, which used to be home of Ferrari's British-offshoot when Barnard was running that operation. B3 Technologies is already working for Prost as a sub-contractor and is expected to take over the design and build programs for Prost, with French composite engineers being seconded to England to learn how to build F1 monocoques.