NOVEMBER 3, 1997

Ralf in uniform

RALF SCHUMACHER will not be seeing much of Grand Prix racing for the next two months. The 22-year-old Jordan driver finished his Formula 1 season in Spain and promptly went into uniform to do his compulsory national service. Schumacher has been posted to a Bundeswehr (national service) regiment of the German Air Force at the Porz-Wahn base, which is next door to Bonn-Cologne Airport and about 20 miles from the Schumacher Family home at Kerpen.

He will spend the next two months completing a basic training course but after that will become part of a scheme for sportsmen which allows them to develop their careers while officially serving in the military. Ralf should be seen testing again for Jordan in December, in preparation for the start of the 1998 season.