JULY 15, 1996

Shambles at Forti

THE Forti Formula 1 team did turn up at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix but neither car ran on Friday or Saturday morning, Cosworth refusing to supply the Italians with engines until outstanding bills had been paid.

The problem was that the ownership of the team is currently under discussion, with the team's sponsor Shannon trying to force team owner Guido Forti to part with 51% of his company. Forti was in financial difficulties prior to the arrival of Shannon and the relationship appears to have been organized by Aaron Columbo, the boss of the Belco-Avia carbonfiber company, who was owed money by Forti.

We understand that Shannon has now gained control of the team and is sorting out the financial problems. At Silverstone Cosworth was convinced to let the team run the two cars with old engines for a few laps on Saturday afternoon to avoid problems with the FIA. There are rumors, however, that the FIA is not at all happy about the team and may take action. In 1992 the FIA took the unusual step of throwing Andrea Moda Formula out of the World Championship for bringing the sport into disrepute.