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JUNE 3, 1996

Ferrari to test a raised nose F310

FERRARI is not staying at Barcelona this week to test but is going instead to Imola where Michael Schumacher and Eddie Irvine will continue their development work on the F310 chassis and the Ferrari V10 engine.

Despite Schumacher's virtuoso victory at Barcelona, the Ferrari men know that the car is still a long way from the pace of the Williams-Renault and are looking for a big leap forward which will enable Schumacher to mount a more serious challenge for the World Championship in the second half of the season.

In recent weeks Ferrari has been busy wind tunnel testing a raised nose configuration and this will begin track-testing at Imola. If it proves to have any major advantages over the existing nose it is likely to appear at the French GP. There is little time to change the race cars to such specification before they need to be freighted to Montreal for the Canadian GP on June 16.