APRIL 1, 1996

Ryton to Forti

GEORGE RYTON, who has been running the Ferrari drawing office in Maranello in recent years, is to leave the company to become Technical Director of Forti Grand Prix.

Ryton began working in F1 with Carl Haas's Force F1 team in 1985, going on to work with Reynard in 1987 before being hired by Ferrari in 1988 to work with John Barnard. In 1989 he switched to EuroBrun to become the team's Technical Director, setting up a design office in England - called Brun Technics. When the team folded Ryton went to Tyrrell for the 1991 season and was appointed technical director when Harvey Postlethwaite left the team. He rejoined Ferrari in 1993. Ryton is expected to return to England to establish a design Center for Forti.

Forti has always intended to establish its own design office in England. This time last year he tried to do a deal with SergioƊRinland. Forti's first new chassis will appear at the Nurburgring with a second chassis ready by Imola