OCTOBER 2, 1995

Forti bids for new Ford V8

GUIDO FORTI'S Grand Prix team is planning to use the all-new Ford Cosworth "JS" V8 engine in 1996. The JS is the top of the range customer option being offered by Cosworth for next year. It is a completely new three-liter V8, which is intended to replace the ED, a three-liter version of the old HB V8 and the three-liter Zetec-R, a downstroked version of the 1994 engine.

Forti and Minardi had both been hoping to convince Ford to allow Cosworth to supply them with customer V10 engines. Cosworth, being part of Vickers PLC, a profit-making organization, was happy to oblige, but Ford wants Cosworth to concentrate all its efforts on the single works supply of V10 engines which are destined to go to Sauber.

This would have been expensive for both teams but it would probably have been easier to find sponsorship for a V10-engined car than it will be for a V8. The JS is an expensive alternative and while Forti has the money, thanks to the Diniz family's involvement in the team, Minardi will probably have to continue to struggle along with EDs or Zetec-Rs.

Giancarlo Minardi has threatened to quit F1 if he cannot find a competitive engine as he feels he is wasting his time with customer engines.