SEPTEMBER 25, 1995

Lammers for DAMS

THE new DAMS F1 car is currently nearing completion at Le Mans, France, and is due to run for the first time on Friday, October 6. Initial shakedown runs are being conducted by French racer Erik Comas but he will then hand the car over to Dutch veteran racer Jan Lammers, who has found some money to help the team test the prototype.

The team is still very short of money, although team boss Jean-Paul Driot is well-connected in the oil business. Driot has tried to do deals with French oil companies Elf and Total but without success.

Last weekend in Portuga,l DAMS's latest young talent, 19-year-Brazilian Taso Marques won his first F3000 race. Marques comes from a wealthy and well-connected family in Brazil and may prove to be a useful find for Driot.