JULY 3, 1995

Howdy Partner

IT may seem unlikely but there continue to be moves in France to form a Russian Formula 1 team which will be called PartnerÊF1. The team was announced amid much speculation a year ago but has now announced plans to build a factory at the Le Vigeant circuit near Poitiers in central France. If the plans ever come to fruition, this factory will built both the chassis and the engines for the new team.

At the announcement of the factory, Partner F1 said that two engineer from the MGN racing engines company - ThierryÊWalgrave and Norbert Gerard - have been hired to design a new V8 engine and that a British designer will be hired to build a chassis. Belgian Eric Van de Poele has been named as the team's test driver.

Although the project sounds as fanciful as last week's Vanwall revival, the plans should not be dismissed out of hand as the chairman of the Yakoviev aerospace company was present for the launch.