Gunther Henerici made a fortune with his Wohnwagenbau Eifelland company, which built caravans with much success in the 1960s when many people did not have the money to travel and stay in hotels. In 1970 Henerici began sponsoring racing teams in Formula 2 and Formula 3 using March F3 and Brabham F2 chassis. The only driver of any note was Rolf Stommelen although Dieter Quester was also given a run in one of the F2 cars in 1971. The following season Henerici extended the programme to F1, buying a March 721 and handing it over to Luigi Colani, who created a futuristic but not very successful bodywork. The car - driven by Stommelen - appeared at eight F1 races before Henerici sold the caravan business. The new owners were not interested in continuing in racing and so the racing cars were sold.