Monaco GP 1984

Monaco GP, 1984

The Monaco Grand Prix of 1984 may not be considered a classic but it highlighted the brilliance of a rising new generation of Formula 1 stars. The only major change to the entry was the appearance of Corrado Fabi in place of his brother Teo in the second Brabham-BMW.

Qualifying had seen World Championship leader Alain Prost take pole position in his McLaren-TAG with Nigel Mansell's Lotus-Renault second, ahead of the two Ferraris of Rene Arnoux and Michele Alboreto and the two Renaults of Derek Warwick and Patrick Tambay. The top 10 was completed by Andrea de Cesaris's Ligier-Renault, Niki Lauda's McLaren-TAG, Nelson Piquet's Brabham-BMW and Keke Rosberg's Williams-Honda. Qualifying was marked by a huge crash for Martin Brundle's Tyrrell at Tabac, the car ending up sliding down the road on its side. Brundle was confused but not hurt.

Race morning was marked by steady rain and conditions were so bad that the start of the race was delayed for 45 minutes. At the first corner the two Renaults collided and were out, Tambay suffering a broken leg, but Prost took the lead with Mansell chasing. Niki Lauda made a good start from eighth on the grid and by lap six had overtaken both Ferraris to move into third place.

Mansell fans were overjoyed on lap 11 when Nigel took the lead from Prost but five laps later he crashed heavily and the McLarens were 1-2. The remarkable Ayrton Senna was by then in third place in his Toleman (which was running on Michelin tires for the first time, the team having given up with Pirelli). He had started 13th but had picked his way up through the field.

On lap 19 he overtook Lauda to take second place and began to chase Prost, who was half a minute ahead. Five laps later Lauda crashed in Casino Square. As Senna chased Prost so attention focussed on Stefan Bellof's Tyrrell which was up to fourth place from last on the grid. It was a mighty performance. On lap 27 Bellof blasted past Arnoux's Ferrari to take third place and set off in pursuit of Senna. As Senna closed on Prost so Bellof closed on the pair of them.

And then on lap 31 the race was suddenly stopped. Prost was relieved, Senna was furious and Bellof was disappointed. One can only wonder what might have happened if the red flags had not come out.

Arnoux was fourth with Rosberg fifth and de Angelis sixth.

Alain Prost McLaren-TAG Porsche  31 1h01m07.740s  
19 Ayrton Senna Toleman-Hart  31 1h01m15.186s  13 
dq Stefan Bellof Tyrrell-Cosworth  31 1h01m28.881s (1) 20 
28 Rene Arnoux Ferrari  31 1h01m36.817s  
Keke Rosberg Williams-Honda  31 1h01m42.986s  10 
11 Elio de Angelis Lotus-Renault  31 1h01m52.179s  11 
27 Michele Alboreto Ferrari  30  
24 Piercarlo Ghinzani Osella-Alfa Romeo  30  19 
Jacques Laffite Williams-Honda  30  16 
22 Riccardo Patrese Alfa Romeo  24 Steering 14 
Niki Lauda McLaren-TAG Porsche  23 Spin 
14 Manfred Winkelhock ATS-BMW  22 Spin 12 
12 Nigel Mansell Lotus-Renault  15 Accident 
Nelson Piquet Brabham-BMW  14 Electrics 
25 Francois Hesnault Ligier-Renault  12 Electrics 17 
Teo Fabi Brabham-BMW  Spin 15 
20 Johnny Cecotto Toleman-Hart  Spin 18 
26 Andrea de Cesaris Ligier-Renault  Accident Damage 
16 Derek Warwick Renault  Accident 
15 Patrick Tambay Renault  Accident 
17 Marc Surer Arrows-Cosworth    21 
Martin Brundle Tyrrell-Cosworth    22 
23 Eddie Cheever Alfa Romeo    23 
18 Thierry Boutsen Arrows-Cosworth    24 
10 Jonathan Palmer RAM-Hart    25 
21 Mauro Baldi Spirit-Hart    26 
Philippe Alliot RAM-Hart    27