German GP 1969

German GP, 1969

With small F1 grids in 1969, the German race organizers decided to run a Formula 2 event concurrently, with a separate grid as had been done on several occasions in previous years. This was fortunate as Ferrari withdrew at the last minute. There were 12 Formula 2 cars entered but multiple European Hillclimb Champion Gerhard Mitter crashed his BMW F2 car at Flugplatz on Friday and was killed. The other BMWs of Hubert Hahne and Dieter Quester were withdrawn and Mitter's close friend Hans Herrmann also withdrew his Winkelmann F2 Lotus, cutting the F2 field to eight cars.

The Formula 1 entry was as it had been at Silverstone two weeks earlier (apart from Ferrari being absent) with Jack Brabham still out of action with a broken ankle. The only addition was Mario Andretti in the four-wheel-drive Lotus 63. Qualifying resulted in Stewart (who was 32 points ahead of Jacky Ickx in the World Championship after five wins in six races) being beaten to pole by the Belgian Brabham driver. Jochen Rindt completed the front row in his Lotus 49. Jo Siffert was on the second row in his Walker-Durlacher Lotus with Denny Hulme (McLaren) alongside while the third row consisted of Vic Elford (Antique Automobiles McLaren), Piers Courage (Frank Williams Brabham) and Bruce McLaren (McLaren). Graham Hill was again off the pace in ninth and Andretti was 12th. John Surtees declared himself a nonstarter, being disenchanted with the BRM139 on the grounds that the car was unsafe.

At the start Ickx did not get away well and so Stewart led Siffert and Rindt. On the first lap Andretti crashed the four-wheel-drive Lotus and Elford ran an errant wheel which flipped the McLaren. It landed upside-down in the trees. Andretti helped Elford out of the wreck but the Englishman had broken his arm in three places.

In the early laps Ickx worked his way back to second and then closed up on Stewart, who had built up a nine second lead over Siffert. The Belgian spent the next four laps right behind Stewart but on lap seven managed to get ahead. Stewart held on but then gear selection problems began to slow him and he dropped away, leaving Ickx in a dominant position. He won by nearly a minute. McLaren was third but he was nearly two and half minutes behind Stewart.

Jacky Ickx Brabham-Cosworth BT26A 14 1h49m55.400s  
Jackie Stewart Matra-Cosworth MS80 14 1h50m53.100s  
10 Bruce McLaren McLaren-Cosworth M7C 14 1h53m17.000s  
Graham Hill Lotus-Cosworth 49B 14 1h53m54.200s  
26 Henri Pescarolo *Matra-Cosworth MS7 14 1h58m06.400s (1st F2 Section) 17 
29 Richard Attwood *Brabham-Cosworth BT30 13  20 
20 Kurt Ahrens Jr *Brabham-Cosworth BT30 13  19 
22 Rolf Stommelen *Lotus-Cosworth 59B 13  21 
31 Peter Westbury *Brabham-Cosworth BT30 13  18 
10 30 Xavier Perrot *Brabham-Cosworth BT23C 13  22 
11r 11 Jo Siffert Lotus-Cosworth 49B 12 Suspension 
12r Jean-Pierre Beltoise Matra-Cosworth MS80 12 Suspension  10 
15 Jackie Oliver BRM P138 11 Oil Sump 13 
Denny Hulme McLaren-Cosworth M7A 11 Transmission 
Jochen Rindt Lotus-Cosworth 49B 10 Ignition 
28 Francois Cevert *Tecno-Cosworth TOO Transmission 16 
27 Johnny Servoz-Gavin *Matra-Cosworth MS7 Engine 15 
16 Jo Bonnier Lotus-Cosworth 49B Fuel Tank 14 
17 Piers Courage Brabham-Cosworth BT26A Accident 
12 Vic Elford McLaren-Cosworth M7A Accident 
Mario Andretti Lotus-Cosworth 63 Accident 12 
ns 14 John Surtees BRM P139  Suspension 11 
ns 23 Hubert Hahne *BMW-BMW 269  Withdrew 23 
ns 25 Dieter Quester *BMW-BMW 269  Withdrew 24 
ns 24 Gerhard Mitter *BMW-BMW 269  Fatal Accident 25 
ns 21 Hans Herrmann *Lotus-Cosworth 59B  Withdrew 26