Giacomo Russo (Geki)

Throughout the history of the sport there have been many drivers who for various reasons preferred to race under pseudonyms. Giacomo Russo was one of them. From a wealthy background Russo chose to race under the name "Geki" and was very successful, winning the Italian Formula Junior Championship in 1961, 1962 and 1963. He moved up to Formula 3 in 1964 with Scuderia Sorocaima De Sanctis and won most of the races and the title. He tried out a Fiat-engined Abarth Formula 2 car and in the autumn rented one of Rob Walker's Brabham-BRMs for the Italian Grand Prix. He failed to qualify.

The following year he was signed up to drive for the factory Alfa Romeo sportscar team but also competed in F2 and F3 events in a variety of different machinery. In September he rented the third Team Lotus entry for the Italian Grand Prix. This time he made the race but retired with mechanical trouble. He followed the same pattern in 1966 and finished ninth at the Italian GP.

His deal with Alfa Romeo continued in 1967 but in the middle of the year he was killed while racing a Matra at the Caserta circuit. There had been a large accident involving several drivers and the Swiss Beat Fehr ran back along the track to warn others arriving at the scene. Unfortunately he was hit and killed by Geki who then went off the road and into a concrete wall.