Alain Marguet

Marguet was passionate about racing and in 1965 - at the age of 20 - he quit his studies and went to visit the workshops of Amedee Gordini which was then at Noisy-le-Roi. He was given a one week trial, was then taken on and helped Gordini develop engines for the various Renault competition activities. Three years later the entire Gordini operation was merged into Renault and in 1969 was relocated to Viry-Chatillon. The engines programs on which Marguet worked included rallying, two-liter sportscar racing, then the Le Mans 24 Hours program and ultimately the Formula 1 program as well.

When Renault Sport withdrew from F1 in 1987 Marguet decided to move on and joined Heini Mader's operation in Switzerland, working as a track engineer for Mader-tuned Cosworth and BMW engines. In October 1988 he joined Lamborghini Engineering to work as race operations manager. When Lamborghini was left out in the cold at the end of 1993 he decided to join the Larrousse team (Gerard Larrousse had been his boss at Renault Sport) and he remained with Larrousse after the F1 team was closed, working with his Signes Advanced Technologies company, running sportscar programs.