Norev (Team Norev)

During the winter of 1975-76 Henri Pescarolo's sponsor Norev bought a Surtees TS19. The factory cars were raced by Alan Jones (Durex) and Brett Lunger (Chesterfield) and an agreement was reached for Pescaraolo's car to be run by Bob Sparshott's BS Fabrications company in Luton. The program began at Monaco where Pescarolo failed to qualify but he went on to start seven races and managed to finish five of them, his best result being a ninth place at the Austrian GP. After the program ended BS Fabrications continued with fabrication work but in 1979 began work on the design of a car for Ricardo Zunino. The sponsor of the program eventually pulled out because of uncertainty over the Argentine Grand Prix and the team then planned to prepare an ex-factory Brabham BT49 for Zunino. BS Fabrications then ran into trouble and closed in January 1980.