Modena Team

Lamborghini Engineering entered Formula 1 in 1989 with a V12 engine designed by Mauro Forghieri. This was supplied to the Larrousse team. The following year as the engine became more competitive the company decided that it wanted to have it own chassis as well. A project was initiated with a Mexican businessman Fernando Gonzalez raising the money for what was to be called the GLAS team. The car, designed by Forghieri and Mario Tolentino began testing in the summer of 1990 but there was a setback when Gonzalez disappeared with $20m. The project was taken over by Carlo Patrucco, a former head of the Fila clothing company.Initial testing of a prototype car was carried out by Mauro Baldi but the team then signed up Nicola Larini and Eric van de Poele with Marco Apicella nominated as the team's test driver.The team was headed by former Minardi team manager Jaime Manca Graziedei with Tolentino and former Grand Prix driver Dave Morgan engineering the two Lamborghini 291 chassis. Some backing was found but the project remained underfunded and struggled to pre-qualify. Larini finished seventh in the opening race in Phoenix. In San Marino van de Poele made his only start for the team and was running fourth until his car failed in the closing laps.Lack of money meant that the promising project closed down at the end of the year and Lamborghini returned to the role of engine supplier.