Early in 1974 Kenji Mimura announced plans for a Japanese Formula 1 team which would build not only its chassis but also its engines. He designed the Maki-Cosworth F101 in association with Masao Ono (who would go on to design the Kojima F1 cars) but the result was very disappointing with Howden Ganley failing to qualify for both the British and German GPs and having a large accident at the Nurburgring after the car suffered a suspension failure. The car was revised for 1975 and became the Maki 101C with sponsorship from Citizen watches. Hiroshi Fushida failed to qualify twice and then Tony Trimmer suffered a similar fate in Germany, Austria and Italy. The car did, however, race that year in the non-championship Swiss GP at Dijon where it finished 13th and last.There were further revisions for 1976 but the car appeared only once with Trimmer failing to qualify for the Japanese GP. The failure led to the team closing down.