Martin Slater built and raced his own Formula Junior cars and later became a designer for Lola, Brabham and March but in 1971 he decided to build a chassis for the British Formula Atlantic Championship. The Lyncar 001 was the result and this was followed by a series of machines before the Lyncar 005. This proved to be very successful in the hands of New Zealand engine tuner John Nicholson who won the 1973 and 1974 Formula Atlantic titles.Nicholson then commissioned the Lyncar 006 - a Formula 1 chassis - which was a typical Cosworth kit car of the era, with a monocoque built by Maurice Gomm. This was raced in 1974 in non-championship F1 events but failed to qualify at the British GP. It was a similar program for the 1975 race but he qualified for the Grand Prix and was classified 17th in the race.Nicholson then lost interest and turned his attention to racing powerboats but the Lyncar was modified and raced by Emilio de Villota in Iberia colors in 1976 and 1977. The Spaniard even managed to win one race at Mallory Park.