Aston Butterworth

Archie Butterworth and Bill Aston were enthusiastic racers in post-war Britain and in 1952 they decided to combine their efforts to build a car for Formula 2. This was finished in time for the Lavant Cup at Goodwood in April 1952 and finished eighth in the race with Aston at the wheel.A second car was built and sold to Robert Montgomerie-Charrington and both cars appeared at the International Trophy in May. The pair raced at Chimay in June with Montgomerie-Charrington finishing third, and a week later the cars were at Monza for the GP dell'Autodromo in which Montgomerie-Charrington finished 12th. One car was raced at Spa in the Belgium GP and it appeared again a few days later at Reims in the Grand Prix de la Marne.Bill Aston himself was back at Monza in September but failed to qualify for the Italian GP.Aston continued to appear in races throughout the 1953 season but there was never enough money to develop the program properly and when the new F1 regulations came in in 1954 the story of Aston-Butterworth came to an end.