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JUNE 19, 2009

Cooked goose for breakfast


The worst case scenario which I suggested would happen a while ago has come to pass. At least today.

The worst case scenario which I suggested would happen a while ago has come to pass. At least today.

Next week it could all be solved at the FIA World Council. The removal of Max Mosley as FIA President is really what this argument is all about. We have dodged saying that directly because we hoped that the split would be avoided, but now it is announced, it is time to put away the toys, get rid of the masks and say things as they really are. The teams have stuck together. They are going. If I was a gambling man then I would say that the Monaco GP, the only race that matters, will go with Ferrari (i.e. FOTA). Those who are in racing to follow the money, will follow any Ferrari-Monaco alliance, as these are the only two brands that are important to race fans.

So it is now down to the FIA to decide whether to go with or without Mosley. If it decides to support Max, then we are really into the destruction of F1 because then the twin series concept becomes a reality.

As a reporter, I am obviously placed in a difficult position as everyone wants me to declare myself in support of one series or another. As a fan, I want to say that all these people “ clever though they may be “ have failed. They have gone down the one road that they should have avoided. This takes them to a point the Americans were at 14 years ago. They have learned nothing from the self-destruction of US open-wheeler racing. They have learned nothing from the mess in which rallying finds itself. They all have plenty of self-justification and some of it even makes sense, but the end result is failure.

Right now, my feeling is that next year they can hold as many races as they like. I will cover all of them, but I will probably stay at home because I am investing my money and my life in this sport and neither side warrants that. Maybe I will go to Monaco to remind myself what the cars look like¦

But, hey, we have to positive¦ if these brilliant people who run the various bits of the sport are really as clever as they think they are, then they will fix it. And us fans (because that is really all I am) can then get out enthusiasm back.