Froilan Gonzalez

Enzo Ferrari once expressed his amazement that the rotund Argentine driver could race cars so effectively, considering just what a lather he seemed to get himself into. Yet this contemporary of Fangio - nicknamed "The Pampas Bull" by his English fans but called "El Cabazon" (Fat Head) by his close colleagues - was a first rate all-round sportsman to whom motor racing was just one accomplishment. His vast bulk seemingly overhanging the cockpit sides as his arms flailed away at the steering wheel. Yet he was fit, tough and strong. He came to prominence when his 2-liter supercharged Ferrari beat the visiting Mercedes W163s on the tight Costanera street circuit in Buenos Aires during 1951. Later that same season he would score Ferrari's first World Championship Grand Prix victory at Silverstone, an achievement he repeated in 1954 when - again - he saw off the works Mercedes team.