Ron Dennis and his Rondel partner Neil Trundle commissioned the design of a Formula 1 car for the 1974 season but the withdrawal of their Motul sponsorship as a result of the oil crisis in 1973 left the team unable to continue and the F1 project was sold to businessmen Tony Vlassopoulo and Ken Grob. They established the Token F1 team and and the Cosworth-engined car was driven initially by Tom Pryce. The car appeared at the Belgian GP in the hands of Pryce and qualified 20th but retired with suspension trouble. It reappeared in the British GP with David Purley driving but failed to qualify and was then seen again in Germany and Austria with Ian Ashley at the wheel. The car finished both races but was disqualified in Germany.The car was not seen again as a Token but was bought by John Thorpe and renamed a Safir, after his engineering company. It was raced in the Race of Champions and the International Trophy by Tony Trimmer but finished last in both events.