Scirocco-Powell Racing

American Hugh Powell took over Emeryson Cars at the end of 1961 and after a year running Tony Settember and John Campbell-Jones he decided to revamp the team in 1962. It was renamed Scirocco-Powell Racing and new versions of the Emeryson design were built under the Scirocco designation. These were fitted with BRM V8 engines. The first car did not appear until the Belgian GP in June 1963 with Settember at the wheel. He crashed heavily and delayed the program further. It was not until the British GP in July that a second car appeared for Ian Burgess, who had previously been the factory manager of Cooper Cars. Both qualified for the race but both retired with mechanical trouble. It was a similar story at Solitude while both crashed early in the German GP. At the non-championship Austrian GP on the Zeltweg airfield in September, Settember kept going to finish second behind Jack Brabham - although the record books rarely show that he was five laps behind. Burgess retired.Neither driver qualified for the Italian GP but at the Oulton Park Gold Cup Burgess finished eighth.At the end of the year the team closed down and Burgess's car was sold to Andre Pilette. He fitted it with a Climax engine and entered it under the Equipe Scirocco Belge banner, contesting several races that year after which the cars were not seen again.