Rebaque (Team Rebaque)

Wealthy Mexican racer Hector Rebaque was only 21 when he started his Formula 1 career with Hesketh in 1977. He failed to qualify in Belgium, Sweden and France but finally made his F1 debut in Germany, although he retired from the race. Two further attempts to get into the field failed and during the winter of 1977-78 he organized a deal with Team Lotus to buy ex-works Lotus 78s which had been used in 1977 by Mario Andretti and Gunnar Nilsson.A team base was established in Leamington Spa and Ian Dawson was hired to run it. One of the recruits was a young mechanical engineer called Alan Jenkins. Although the 1978 season was not easy, Rebaque qualified for several races and finished sixth at the German GP. Rebaque bought ex-works Lotus 79s for the following season but, frustrated that the team was getting no help from Team Lotus itself, he commissioned Penske Racing in Poole to design a Rebaque F1 car for him. This was called the Rebaque HR100 and was designed by Geoff Ferris. It was ready for the Italian GP in September but Rebaque failed to qualify. He did qualify in Canada but retired from the race. In 1980 he joined the Brabham team and the Rebaque operation was closed down.