Life Racing Engines

Life Racing Engines was established in 1989 by Italian businessman Ernesto Vita, who agreed to finance the design and construction of a W12 engine by former Ferrari engine designer Franco Rocchi. A base was established in Reggio Emilia, Italy.The team bought the First F1 car, which had been designed by Richard Divila for Lamberto Leoni's planned F1 team. Designer Gianni Marelli modified the First to take the W12 engine.The team signed a two-year deal with Australian driver Gary Brabham, son of Sir Jack, but he quit the team after just two races, saying that the operation was a complete shambles. The team managed to convince Bruno Giacomelli to take over but there was little improvement and Giacomelli failed to qualify 12 times, despite the team switching from the Life W12 to a Judd V8 for the last two races.In the summer Vita sold the majority shareholding in the team to a Verona industrialist Daniele Battaglino following the announcement of a deal to supply racing cars to a Leningrad-based engineering company.The team disappeared at the end of the European season and was never heard of again.