Doug (LD) Serrurier was a South African speedway champion before becoming one of the country's top single-seater racers in the 1950s and 1960s. He began building chassis when the local automobile club announced that it was going to hold a four-race winter series in 1961-62. The first LDS was a copy of a Cooper and appeared for the first time at Kyalami in December 1961 with Fanie Viljoen driving, while Serrurier himself raced a Cooper. Viljoen beat Serrurier and there were three LDS 1 chassis at the second race a few days later at Westmead. One was crashed in practice and did not race. Three of the cars appeared at the non-championship South African GP in East London on Boxing Day but they were outpaced by the imported machinery.The following year the cars were again in action but again were off the pace. That year the South African GP was a round of the World Championship and Serrurier entered one car for the race - and drove it himself. Serrurier continued to produce different cars - based on European machinery - until 1967 but none of them enjoyed much success.