Fry (David Fry Developments)

David Fry and Alec Issigonis worked together to design and build a Formula 2 car in 1958. At the time Issigonis was working for the Alvis company, the chairman of which was John Parkes, who suggested that his son Mike might be a useful test and development driver for the project. At the time Mike was working as an engineer with the Rootes Group.The unusual design was quite advanced for the era with a semi-monocoque construction and a rubber-suspended chassis. This was fitted with a Coventry Climax engine and made its debut with Parkes driving in June 1958 at Brands Hatch. Development work was carried out and a month later the car was much more competitive and finished sixth at Crystal Palace. At the end of the year Fry took the car to Montlhery but it retired on the first lap with gearbox trouble. The car appeared from time to time in 1959. It was entered for the British GP but failed to qualify, although in June Parkes finished fifth in a race at Mallory Park and ended the year with second place in a Boxing Day event at Brands Hatch. The car was not seen again although Parkes went on to become famous as a Ferrari driver.