Connew Racing Team

In 1970 Surtees design engineer Peter Connew decided to build his own Formula 1 car. The Connew-Cosworth PC1 was built in a small workshop in the east of London by Connew and two friends. It took 18 months but was finally ready for the 1972 British Grand Prix. Frenchman Francois Migault brought some sponsorship. The car had an unusual rear suspension and, when this proved not to be up to the job, the car was withdrawn from the event. It was modified and entered in the Austrian GP but the suspension collapsed after 22 laps and Migault had a sizable accident. The Connew appeared at the end of season World Championship Victory Race at Brands Hatch with David Purley driving but did not start because of electrical problems. The chassis was modified that winter and appeared briefly in 1973 as a Formula 5000 car but again crashed.