Hungarian GP - Sunday - Race Notes

Ricciardo wins Hungarian GP

Daniel Ricciardo, Hungarian GP 2015

Daniel Ricciardo, Hungarian GP 2015 

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In a wet-dry race Daniel Ricciardo won the Hungarian Grand Prix in his Red Bull-Renault by 5.2 seconds ahead of Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari in second place. Lewis Hamilton, after starting from the pit lane and spinning on the first lap, worked his way up through the pack to finish on the podium again in third place, 0.6 seconds behind Alonso.

Nico Rosberg (0.5s), after starting on pole in his Mercedes GP finished in fourth, followed by Felipe Massa (23.4s), in the Williams-Mercedes in fifth, Kimi Raikkonen (1.6s) in the second Ferrari was sixth, Sebastian Vettel (9.4s) in the Red Bull was seventh, Valtteri Bottas (0.3s) in the second Williams was eighth, Jean-Eric Vergne (17.1s) in the Toro Rosso-Renault was ninth and Jenson Button (8.7s) in the McLaren-Mercedes finished in the final points paying position.

The win is Ricciardo’s second of his career and second win of the season - after winning in Canada earlier in the year.

Rain fell before the race, and although it eased off approaching the start, the drivers face a wet track.

Rosberg starts from pole with Vettel alongside on the front row. Bottas and RIcciardo start from row two, Alonso and Massa on the third row, Button and Vergne on the fourth row, and Hulkenberg and Kvyat round out the top ten on the grid.

Hamilton would start from the pitlane, after the Mercedes GP had to be rebuilt overnight after catching fire at the start of qualifying on Saturday.

Pirelli is providing white sidewalled medium and yellow sidewalled soft compound tyres for the dry weather. All drivers will start on intermediate wet tyres - so drivers will not be required to run on both dry compounds for the rest of the race.

Rosberg leads the field around on the formation lap - Kvyat’s engine will not start and he is pushed to the pitlane.

At the start Rosberg takes the lead, Bottas and Alonso pass Vettel in the first corner. Hamilton spins at the the first corner, but then continues.

On lap 2 Alonso locks up into the first corner and goes wide, Vettel takes third position from Alonso. Rosberg leads by 2.7 seconds.

While the track is still quite wet, drivers are starting to look at alternate lines to keep their intermediate tyres cool.

On lap 3 Rosberg’s lead is out to 5.7 seconds over Bottas. Magnussen passes Ericsson for 19th place. Hamilton complains of vibrations from the front end of his Mercedes.

On lap 5 Hamilton is recovering from his first lap spin and is up to 15 place - passing Kobayashi and Bianchi this lap.

On lap 6 Rosberg sets another fast lap at 1m43.046s and leads the field by 9.1 seconds. Raikkonen runs wide at turn 4 but continues.

On lap 7 Rosberg runs wide at the first corner, but continues in the lead. Ricciardo is putting pressure on Button in fifth place. Hamilton passes Raikkonen for 13th place.

On lap 8 Rosberg sets another fast lap at 1m42.447s. Marcus Ericsson has an accident at turn 3. The safety car is deployed. Button, Ricciardo, Hulkenberg, Massa, Vergne , Perez, Gutierrez, Sutil, Hamiltonn, Raikkonen, Grosjean, Kvyat, Kobayashi, Chilton and Maldonado all pit. Button takes another set of intermediate wet tyres, while the rest take dry tyres.

The next lap around, behind the safety car, Rosberg, Bottas, Vettel, Alonso and Biachi all pit.

Behind the safety car Ricciardo leads Button, Massa, Rosberg, Magnussen, Vergne, Vettel, Alonso, Hulkenberg and Perez. Hamilton runs 13th. Grosjean spins and is out of his Lotus.

Rosberg asks his team if he should stop using his brakes under the safety car.

Caterham radios to Kobayashi that they don’t think it will rain for the next 30 minutes.

On lap 13 the race resumes, Button on intermediates passes Ricciardo for the lead, followed by Massa, Magnussen, Rosberg, Vergne, Alonso, Vettel, Hamilton and Perez. Bottas runs 12th.

On lap 14 Vernge passes Rosberg fo fifth place - the Mercedes driver perhaps having brake problem.

On lap 15 Button pits from the lead for dry tyres, Magnussen pits as well. Rosberg tries to pass Vergne, but doesn’t puit it off.

Bianchi and Maldonado make contact and Maldonado spins.

Hulkenberg is off the track, and retires. Ricciardo leads Massa and Alonso.

On lap 17 Alonso sets fast lap at 1m30.977s. Ricciardo goes faster the next lap as the track continues to dry.

Alonso is pressing Massa for second, while Hamilton is battling with Vettel for sixth.

At lap 20 Ricciardo leads Massa by 5.5 seconds, followed by Alonso (1.0s), Vergne (2.6s), Rosberg (0.6s), Vettel (1.1s), Hamilton (0.3s), Perez (3.6s), Bottas (3.1s) and Guterrez (2.0s) in tenth place.

Rosberg is reporting that his brake problems during the safety car period have cleared up and that he is running well once again.

On lap 21 Ricciardo set another fast lap at 1m29.489s.

On lap 23 Perez spins on the exit of the final corner and crashes into the pitlane wall at the start-finish line - the safety car is deployed once more with debris on the track. Perez climbs out of the Force India

Ricciardo, Massa and Bottas all pit. Bottas switches to the medium compound tyres - perhaps looking to run non-stop for the rest of the race.

Behind the safety car Alonso leads, followed by Vergne, Rosberg, Vettel, Hamilton, Ricciardo, Massa, Gutierrez, Raikkonen, Sutil, Kvyat, Button, Bottas, Magnussen, Kobayashi, Chilton and Bianchi.

On lap 26 Kobayashi pulls off the track with a mechanical problem and retires.

On lap 27 the safety car pulls in and the race resumes with Alonso in the lead.

On lap 28 Alonso sets fast lap at 1m29.081s. Alonso re-sets it again the next lap at 1m28.760s and leads Vergne by 2.3 seconds. Raikkonen goes off at the chicane.

On lap 30 Alonso continues to set fast laps with a 1m28.439s. Button passes Sutil for tenth. Kvyat pits.

At lap 30 Alonso leads Vergne by 3.6 seconds, followed by Rosberg (0.5s), Vettel, (0.8s), Hamilton (

On lap 33 Rosberg pits, while on track Vettel spins on the exit of the final corner - barely missing the pitwall and continues.

On lap 34 Hamilton set fast lap at 1m28.423 while he then passes Vergne for second place at turn 4.

Vergne pits from third place. Alonso leads by 6.6 seconds over Hamilton.

On lap 35 Ricciardo in third sets fast lap at 1m27.355s. Dark clouds appear off in the distance - and there are fears of more rain approaching.

On lap 38 Button pits from sixth place and changes to medium tyres. Rosberg passes Bottas for ninth place at the first corner.

On lap 39 Alonso pits handing the lead to Hamilton. Alonso takes another set of soft tyres and rejoins in fifth place.

Hamilton pits the next lap, along with Sutil and Magnussen.

At lap 40 Ricciardo leads Massa by 11.4 seconds, followed by Raikkonen (2.6s), Alonso (2.6s), Hamilton (4.6s), Rosberg (2.9s). Bottas (4.9s), Maldonado (5.2s), Vettel (1.3s) and Vergne (0.9s) in tenth place.

On lap 42 Rakkonen pits from third place. Vettel battles to get past Raikkonen after he rejoins, but is unable to get past.

Mercedes thinks that Alonso in third place will need to pit again, while Hamilton will try to make it to the finish on medium tyres.

Raikkonen passes Maldonado for seventh place. Maldondo then pits.

On lap 44 Ricciardo reports to the team that he feels the engine surging.

Rosberg closes to 1.7s behind his team mate Hamilton in fourth place.

On lap 45 Massa pits from second place, taking on more medium tyres and rejoining in fifth behind his team mate.

Hamilton tells the team that he feels heating under his sear similar to Montreal (when his car failed).

At lap 50 Ricciardo leads Alonso by 15.2 seconds, followed by Hamilton (2.3s), Rosberg (0.8s), Bottas (15.2s), Massa (3.1s), Raikkonen (0.3s), Vettel (6.7s), Vergne (8.7s) and Button (1.1s) in tenth place.

Mercedes tells Hamilton to let Rosberg by, as he is on soft tyres and needs to pit again. Hamilton tells the team, he will not slow down for Rosberg - if he gets close enough he can overtake.

Rosberg asks the team why Hamilton hasn’t let him by - the team says they told Hamilton.

Ricciardo reports that he is struggling with his rear tyres. Alonso has closed to 13.4 seconds behind him.

On lap 54 Ricciardo pits from the lead for another set of soft tyres and rejoins in fourth place. Alonso takes over the lead. Raikkonen closes on Massa in sixth place.

On lap 56 Rosberg pits from third place for another set of soft tyres and is good to go to the finish. He rejoins in seventh behind Raikkonen.

On lap 57 Ricciardo sets fast lap at 1m26.783s, and then again on the next lap at 1m26.608s.

Hamilton is closing on Alonso, but Ricciardo is closing on Hamilton at the same time - Alonso running 1m28s, Hamilton running 1m27s and Ricciardo running 1m26s.

On lap 60 Bottas pits from fourth place. Rosberg passes Raikkonen for fifth place.

At lap 60 Alonso leads Hamilton by 1.2 seconds, followed by Ricciardo (0.9s), Massa (23.5s) , Rosberg (0.3s), Raikkonen (0.8s), Vettel (7.0s), Bottas (12.1s), Vergne (2.6s) and Button (1.8s) in tenth.

On lap 61 Rosberg passes Massa for fourth place, and then sets fast lap at 1m26.083s.

The top three (Alonso, Hamilton and Ricciardo) run within 1.5 seconds.

Mercedes tells Hamilton that he is good on fuel and that he should use higher revs.

On lap 63 Alonso struggles on his older tyres, and cuts the chicane, but continues in the lead. Rosberg sets another fast lap at 1m26.019s and runs fourth, 17s behind the leaders.

On lap 65 Ricciardo tries to pass Hamilton on the outside of turn 2, but can’t make it stick. Rosberg sets another fast lap at 1m25.724 - now 11s behind the leading pack.

On lap 67 Ricciardo tries the outside of Hamilton on turn 2, and passes Hamilton on the inside into turn 3 to take second place. Ricciardo now chases after Alonso.

On lap 68 Ricciardo passes Alonso into the first corner and takes the lead.

Ricciardo leads Alonso, Hamilton and Rosberg.

On lap 69 Hamilton continues to hound Alonso for second, while Rosberg closes on the pair.

On lap 70 Rosberg is on Hamilton’s tail looking for a way past. Ricciardo shakes his fist in the final corner and crosses the finish line for the win over Alonso and Hamilton.

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