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Hamilton wins British GP

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton 

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Lewis Hamilton has won the British Grand Prix at Silverstone today after his teammate Nico Rosberg retired with gearbox issues. Valtterie Bottas has his second straight podium finish in his Williams-Mercedes, 30.135s behind Hamilton in second place. Daniel Riccairdo in his Red Bull-Renault, finishes in third, 46.495s back.

The win is Hamilton's fifth of the season, his second British GP win, and the eighth for Mercedes GP. This is the 27th win in Hamilton's career, equalling Jackie Stewart on the all-time list. Hamilton closes the Driver's Championship gap to 4 points, with 161 to Rosberg's 165 points. Riccairdo is in third with 98 points, and Alonso is in fourth with 87 points.

Mercedes continues to dominate the Constructor's Championship with 326 points, with Red Bull-Renault at 168 points, and Ferrari in third at 106 points. Williams-Mercedes closes to just 3 points behind Ferrari at 103 points.

Jenson Button (47.390s) in his McLaren-Mercedes finished in fourth, followed by Sebastien Vettel (53.864s) in the Red Bull-Renault in fifth, Fernando Alonso (59.946s) in the Ferrari was sixth, Kevin Magnussen (1m02.563s) in the McLaren-Mercedes was seventh, Nico Hulkenberg (1m28.692s) in the Force India-Mercedes was eighth, Daniil Kvyat (1m29.340s) in the Toro Rosso-Renault was ninth, Jean-Eric Vergne (1 lap) in the second Toro Rosso-Renault was in the the final points position in tenth.

A sunny day at Siverstone in preparation for the British GP, with a 30% chance of rain.

The drivers have a choice of the orange sidewall hard tyres and the white side-walled medium tyre.

Nico Rosberg starts on pole, while local favorite Hamilton starts from sixth.

Sebastien Vettel starts from second on the front row.

Rosberg takes the lead, followed by Button.

Hamilton has a great start and moves to fourth.

Vettel has a terrible start and falls back to fifth.

Halfway through lap 1, Kimi Raikkonen runs wide off Aintree, jumps over the curbing on re-entering the track and loses control of his Ferrari. He hits the barrier and spins across the track. Raikkonen and Felipe Massa make contact, with Kamui Kobayashi running wide off-track as well. The safety care comes out.

Massa makes his way back to pit as Raikkonen gets out of car with slight limp.

#Red flag is displayed and cars go back to grid.

Order at red flag is Rosberg, Jenson Button, Kevin Magnussen, Hamilton, Vettel, Nico Hulkenberg, Riccairdo, Daniil Kvyat, Bottas and Max Chilton.

Williams team works on Massa's car on the grid.

The barrier that Raikkonen hit is badly damaged and needs repair.

The stewards announced that there is a minimum of fifteen minutes before the restart.

It is a announced that there will be a standing restart.

Chilton is under investigation by the stewards for pulling into the pits when the red flags were shown, instead of returning to the grid. He will be given a stop-go penalty after the restart.

The restart is delayed a further 15 minutes.

Raikkonen is reporting pain in his ankle following his crash.

Williams has withdrawn Massa’s car, as there is too much damage for the Brazilian to continue at the restart.

After nearly one hour, the drivers are getting back into their cars.

The longer the delay, there is fear of rain in the area later in the race.

The cars are off on a second formation lap, and will restart behind the safety car.

Several drivers have switched to Hard compound tyres.

On lap 2 race has resumed, with Rosberg leading Button and Magnussen.

Bottas passes Kvyat for 8th place.

On lap 3, Hamilton passes Magnussen for 3rd.

On lap 4, Hamilton dives inside Button for 2nd.

Alonso passes Adrian Sutil for 11th.

Bottas passes Hulkenberg for 6th.

The medical centre announces that Raikkonen has a sprained ankle following his 47g crash.

On lap 6, Alonso passes Kvyat for 9th place.

Riccairdo presses Hulkenberg for 6th place as Alonso passes Riccairdo.

Alonso running quicker than those in front of him on softer tyres.

On lap 8, Alonso passes Hulkenberg for 7th place, continuing his march up the field.

On lap 9, Riccairdo attempts to pass Hulkenberg.

On lap 10, Rosberg leads Hamilton by 5.4 seconds.

On lap 10, Esteban Gutierrez and Maldonado touch and Gutierrez ends up with damage off into gravel trap.

Lap 11, Vettel pits from fourth.

Lap 12, Accident between Gutierrez and Maldonado under investigation.

On lap 12, Marcus Ericsson limps slowly back to the pits.

Alonso is handed a stop-go penalty for not being lined-up on the original grid.

On lap 14, Bottas passes Magnussen on outside for 4th place.

Mercedes radios Rosberg to be careful not to use more of track than permitted.

On lap 15, Kvyat pits from 9th, staying on Medium tyres.

On lap 15, Alonso passes Magnussen for 5th. Riccairdo pits from 7th.

On lap 16, Hamilton sets fastest lap at 1:38.554. Bottas passes Button for 3rd on outside of Stowe for 3rd place.

On lap 17, Hamilton closes on Rosberg.

On lap 19, Rosberg pits from the lead. 2.7 sec pit stop, and stays on medium compound tyres.

On lap 20, Alonso presses Button for 4th.

At lap 20, Hamilton leads Rosberg by 15.9s.

Lap 21, Riccairdo takes 8th place from Hulkenberg. Rosberg sets fastest lap 1:38.309.

Lap 24, Hamilton radios that his tyres are going off.

On lap 25, Hamilton pits from the lead, and has a slow stop (4.1s) with a problem on left rear, and switches to hard compound tyres. Sutil pits as well.

Lap 25, Rosberg takes back the lead by 5.9s.

On lap 26, Alonso pits from 4th, Ferrari mechanics pause 5 seconds to take penalty on Alonso's stop. Alonso switches to Medium tyres. Vettel passes Magnussen for 6th place.

On lap 27, Hamilton sets fastest lap at 1:37.106.

On lap 27, Alonso passes Hulkenberg for 8th. Perez, Maldonado and Magnussen pit. Jean-Eric Vergne pits next lap.

On lap 29, Hamilton passes Rosberg for lead, as German has gearbox problems. He pulls off of the track -- his day is done. A local yellow is displayed.

Lap 29, Button pits from 4th place.

At lap 30, Hamilton leads Bottas by 24.3s.

On lap 31, Bottas pits from 2nd. Grosjean, Kobayashi and Chilton pit as well. Bottas switches to hard compound tyres. It appears that the Finn is attempting a one-stop strategy.

On lap 34, Bottas passes Vettel for 2nd. Vettel immediately pits and stays on medium tyres.

On lap 35, Alonso passes Vettel on the outside of Copse for 5th place. Now chasing Button.

On lap 37, Kyvat pits form 8th place. Perez complains that Sutil is continually running wide. Vettel remains in battle with Alonso.

On lap 38, Vettel attempts to pass Alonso, but the Spaniard fights him off.

On lap 39, Sutil complains of braking issues.

At lap 40, Hamilton continues to lead Bottas by 40.9s. Ricciardo lies in 3rd, a further 11s behind.

On lap 41, Hamilton pits for the final time. Stays on hard compound tyres. Rejoins with a 19s lead over Bottas.

On lap 42, Vettel continues to press Alonso. Complains that the Spaniard is not giving him enough space.

On lap 48, Vettel is finally able to pass Alonso for 5th into Copse. Alonso is unable to respond.

At lap 50, Hamilton leads Bottas by 27.8s. Ricciardo and Button follow.

Lap 51, Maldonado pulls off of the track with smoke coming from his Lotus-Renault.

At the finish, Hamilton crosses the line in front of Bottas and Ricciardo for the win.

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