Canadian GP - Sunday - Race Notes

Daniel Ricciardo takes first victory in Canadian Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo, Canadian GP 2014

Daniel Ricciardo, Canadian GP 2014 

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Daniel Ricciardo won the Canadian GP today, after passing the faltering Mercedes of Nico Rosberg to take his first career win in the Red Bull-Renault by 4.2 seconds. Sebastian Vettel in the second Red Bull was third, 1.0 seconds behind Rosberg.

Jenson Button (6.5s) finished in the McLaren-Mercedes in fourth place, followed by Nico Hulkenberg (1.0s) in the Force India-Mercedes in fifth, Fernando Alonso (2.0s) in the Ferrari in sixth, Valtteri Bottas (8.7s) in the Williams-Mercedes in seventh place, Jean-Eric Vergne (4.4s) in the Toro Rosso-Renault in eighth, Kevin Magnussen (1.2s) in the second McLaren was ninth, and Kimi Raikkonen (24.4s) in the Ferrari took the final points paying position.

Before the start the sun was shinning as we look forward to a dry hot race.

The two Mercedes of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton were on the front row, Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas on the second row, Felipe Massa and Daniel Riccardo on the third row, Fernando Alonso and Jean-Eric Vergne on the fourth row and Jenson Button and Kimi Raikkonen rounding out the top ten.

Drivers have a selection of the yellow marked soft compound Pirellis or the red marked super-soft tyres. The top ten drivers all starting on super-softs. Daniil Kvyat, Nico Hulkenberg, Pastor Maldonado, Max Chilton, Jules Bianchi, Marcus Ericsson and Esteban Gutierrez will start on soft tyres.

Gutierrez will start from the pitlane.

The cars come to the grid and the lights come on. Rosberg holds the lead into the first corner. Hamilton goes wide and Vettel takes second place ahead of Hamilton, Bottas and Massa.

At turn 3 Chilton loses control and hits his team mate Bianchi - both ending up in the wall with damage - their day is done. The Safety Car comes out.

Gutierrez pits at the end of lap 1 and switches to super soft tyres.

On lap 3 Gutierrez pits a second time. The marshals continue to clean up the debris on the track.

The Safety Car comes in at the end of lap 7. Rosberg continues in the lead, followed by Vettel and Hamilton.

On lap 9 Sergio Perez passes Button to take over tenth place. Ericsson pits. Rosberg is told by his team that he is good on fuel for the rest of the race.

On lap 10 Kvyat spins at turn 1, but continues at the end of the pack. Hamilton passes Vettel for second place in the DRS zone.

At lap 10 Rosberg leads Hamilton by 1.7 seconds, followed by Vettel (0.5s), Bottas (1.7s), Massa (1.0s), Ricciardo (1.2s), Vergne (1.8s), Alonso (0.8s), Raikkonen (0.7s) and Perez (0.6s) in tenth place.

On lap 12 Romain Grosjean pits.

On lap 14 Ricciardo pits switching to soft tyres, rejoining in 15th.

On lap 15, Bottas and Button both pit. Drivers are reporting graining issues with the tyres.

Vettel, Vergne, Massa, Kevin Magnussen and Adrian Sutil all pit the next lap.

On lap 17 Alonso pits from third place, rejoining in 10th place. Raikkonen pits from third the next lap.

On lap 19 Rosberg pits from the lead - Hamilton takes over. Hamilton pits the next lap.

At lap 20 Rosberg leads Hamilton by 2.7 seconds, followed by Perez (3.4s), Hulkenberg (2.0s), Vettel (0.8s), Bottas (3.2s), Ricciardo (3.4s), Maldonado (2.8s), Alonso (1.8s) and Vergne (0.9s) in tenth place.

On lap 23 Hamilton sets fast lap closing in on Rosberg in the lead. Vettel is right behind Hulkenberg, but is unable to find a way past. Maldonaldo retires in the pits with a problem.

On lap 25 Kobayashi spins at turn 2. He returns to the pits and retires.

On lap 26 Rosberg cuts the final chicane but continues.. Massa passes Alonso in turn 1 for eighth.

The stewards are investigating Rosberg cutting the chicane.

Bottas is closing on Vettel in fifth place.

On lap 30 Button passes Kvyat. Kvyat pits. Hamilton is right on Rosberg’s tail. Rosberg sets fast lap at 1m19.110s.

At lap 30 Rosberg lead Hamilton by 0.7 seconds, followed by Perez (18.5s), Hulkenberg (2.1s), Vettel (0.6s), Bottas (0.1s), Ricciardo (2.8s), Massa (5.2s), Alonso (4.5s) and Vergne (2.4s) in tenth.

The stewards report that they are giving no penalty to Rosberg for cutting the chicane, only a warning.

Gutierrez pits a third time.

On lap 31 Rosberg sets fast lap at 1m18.881s.

On lap 35 Perez finally makes his first pitstop from third place after running a long first stint on super-soft tyres, and rejoins in tenth place.

On lap 36 Bottas pits and rejoins in 12th place. Vettel pits the next lap.

Hamilton complains to the team that he has lost power.

Hamilton has fallen back to 1.5 seconds behind Rosberg.

Rosberg complains he has power issues as well. Both Mercedes are lapp slower.

On lap 40 Vergne and Raikkonen both pit.

At lap 40 Rosberg leads Hamilton by 0.9 seconds, followed by Hulkenberg (20.3s), Massa (1.2s), Alonso (6.0s), Perez (7.6s), Ricciardo (0.4s), Vettel (0.8s), Bottas (3.2s), and Magnussen (5.7s) in tenth place.

On lap 41 Hulkenberg in third place is still yet to pit.

On lap 42 Sutil pits. Raikkonen spins at the hairpin - he drops to 15th. Hulkenberg pits and rejoins in eighth place.

Massa in third place is 17 seconds behind Hamilton, but is closing at a second a lap - Williams tells him they want to make the tyres last until the end of the race.

On lap 45 Rosberg pits from the lead. The team has told him they don’t believe they can resolve the power issues during the race. Alonso pits from ninth.

Hamilton pits the next lap, he rejoins behind Massa who takes over the lead.

Hamilton runs wide at the hairpin and loses a place to Rosberg - he goes to retake the position on the straight and cuts the chicane. Hamilton then gives the position back.

On lap 47 Hamilton’s car is smoking, and drops down the order. Hamilton pits the car and retires with a brake problem caused by power unit problems.

On lap 48 Massa pits from the lead and rejoins in seventh place.

On lap 49 Kvyat pulls off the track at the hairpin and retires.

On lap 50 Perez closes up on Rosberg in the lead. Ricciardo closes on Perez.

At lap 50 Rosberg leads Perez by 0.9 seconds, followed by Ricciardo (0.4s), Vettel (0.5s), Hulkenberg (4.1s), Bottas (1.5s), Massa (0.3s), Alonso (1.6s), Button (11.7s) and Vergne (1.5s) in tenth place.

On lap 52 Vettel is told to save his his tyres for the end of the race.

Vettel closes up on Ricciardo - a line of cars follows behind Rosberg.

On lap 56 Massa is right behind his team mate Bottas.

On lap 58 Bottas tries to pass Hulkenberg at the hairpin but runs wide. Massa takes the place from Bottas. Massa passes Hulkenberg in the final chicane and sets off in pursuit of the Red Bull’s, setting fast lap at 1m18.504s.

On lap 59 Alonso passes Bottas in the first corner. Button passes Bottas the next lap - the Finn appearing to have tyres problems.

At lap 60 Rosberg leads Perez by 0.5 seconds, followed by Ricciardo (0.5s), Vettel (0.3s), Massa (2.2s), Hulkenberg (4.6s), Alonso (2.4s), Button (1.7s), Bottas (0.7s) and Vergne (8.1s).

On lap 61 Grosjean pits and retires with rear wing damage. Massa closes to within DRS range of Vettel.

On lap 64 Vettel makes a mistake on the exit of the hairpin and Massa has a run on the outside of the straight. Vettel holds the inside line into the final chicane and takes the position.

On lap 66 Ricciardo passes Perez into the first corner and takes second place. Perez reports he has lost the brakes.

On lap 67 Gutierrez retires in the pits.

On lap 68 Ricciardo passes Rosberg in the DRS zone and takes the lead.

On lap 69 Vettel passes Perez into the final chicane to take third place.

On lap 70 Massa attempts a pass into the first corner on Perez, the two touch and both end up in the barriers of the first corner. The Safety Car is deployed. Massa and Perez get out of their cars uninjured.

Ricciardo continues around the circuit behind the Safety Car and crosses the finish line in first place - his first Formula 1 victory.

Rosberg finishes second, Vettel third.

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