Hungarian GP - Sunday - Race Notes

Lewis Hamilton wins Hungarian GP

Raikkonen, Hamilton, Webber, Hungarian GP 2009

Raikkonen, Hamilton, Webber, Hungarian GP 2009 

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Lewis Hamilton won the Hungarian Grand Prix, in Budapest, today in a McLaren-Mercedes. Kimi Raikkonen finished second in the Ferrari, 11.5 seconds behind, followed by Mark Webber in third in the Red Bull-Renault, 16.8 behind the leader.

Hamilton won his tenth career victory in commanding style after polesitter Fernando Alonso's challenge fell apart after his first pit stop when a wheel fell off his car. Championship leader Jenson Button finished seventh, and holds an 18.5 point lead over Mark Webber, who jumps to second in the standing ahead of his team mate Sebastian Vettel.

Nico Rosberg (26.9s) finished in fourth in the Williams-Toyota, followed by Heikki Kovalainen (34.3s) in the second McLaren-Mercedes, Timo Glock (35.2s) in the Toyota in sixth, Jenson Button (55.0s) in the Brawn-Mercedes in seventh, and Jarno Trulli (68.1s) in the Toyota took the final points paying position.

At the start Alonso leads the field away from pole, while Vettel falls from second to seventh, Webber second, followed by Hamilton, Raikkonen, Rosberg and Kovalainen. Vettel noting on the radio that he thinks he has front wing damage.

On lap 1 Button passes Nakajima for 8th place.

Alonso, trying to make the most of his strategy on a light fuel load, pulls a 3.0 second lead by lap 4.

On lap 5 Hamilton battles his way past Webber to take second place - using his KERS to his advantage. Sutil retires in the pits.

Hamilton puts in a number of fast laps, and starts to close on Alonso, who seems to be struggling on the super soft tyres.

At lap 10, Alonso leads Hamilton by 1.2 seconds, followed by Webber (3.1s), Raikkonen (4.2s), Rosberg (6.1s), Kovalainen (10.5s), Vettel (11,3s), Button (14.5s), Nakajima (15.2s) and Trulli (16.7s) in tenth place.

On lap 12 Alonso is the first to pit, from the lead, and rejoins in ninth - and has problems with the front right tyre, the wheel comes off on his out lap and he limps back to the pits. He rejoins a lap down, running at the back, his race effectively over.

On lap 17 Alonso pits again and retires.

At the front, Hamilton continues to edge out his lead to 5.1 second over Webber.

On lap 20 Webber and Raikkonen pit from second and third places, Webber almost stalling the car being released from his pit.. Race leader Hamilton and Rosberg in second, pit on the next lap. Kovalainen and Vettel on lap 22. Nakajima on lap 23. Piquet on lap 24.

On lap 25 Button makes his first stop from second place.

At lap 26 Hamilton leads Trulli by 3,0 seconds, followed by Raikkonen (7.1s), Glock (8.5s), Webber (12.8s), Kovalainen (15.7s), Rosberg (18.4s), Vettel (24.6s)m Barrichello (25.0s) and Fisichella (26.6s) in tenth place.

Vettel is reporting to the pits that something is broken on his car. He pits on lap 28 and replaces his front wing.

On lap 29 Trulli makes his first stop from second place, getting out ahead of Button.

On lap 30 Fisichella pits from ninth. Vettel pits again and retires,

Glock and Barrichello in third and seventh yet to pit.

Button complaining on the radio that his car is handling very badly.

On lap 33 Glock makes his first stop from third place, staying on the option tyre and rejoining in seventh. Barrichello pits from sixth on the next lap, the last to make his first stop.

At half distance on lap 35, Hamilton leads Raikkonen by 6.6 seconds, followed by Webber (18.6s), Kovalainen (19.5s), Rosberg (21.1s), Glock (35.3s), Trulli (41.0s), Buton (44.9s), Piquet (45.9s) and Nakajima (46.8s) in tenth place.

Kovalainen closes on Webber in third.

On lap 39 Buemi spins, and then pits.

On lap 45 Kovalainen is the first car to make his second stop from fourth place. Raikkonen pits from second place the next lap, switching to the hard tyre, getting away slowly. Hamilton pits from the lead on lap 47 changing to the hard tyre, coming out still in the lead.

On lap 49 Piquet pits, followed by Rosberg from third place on lap 50.

On lap 51 Webber pits from second place, switching back to the super soft tyre, rejoining in fourth ahead of Rosberg.

At lap 52 Hamilton continues to lead Raikkonen by 16.1 seconds, followed by Glock (16.9s) yet to make his second stop in third, Webber (26.5s), Rosberg (27.6s), Kovalainen (30.1s), Trulli (32.2s), Button (33.8s), Nakajima (34.5s) and Barrichello (42.2s) in tenth place.

On lap 56 Button pits from 8th place. Nakajima pitting the next lap. Barrichello pitting on lap 58. Trulli pits on lap 59. Glock is the final driver to pit from third place on lap 61, rejoining in sixth place.

At lap 65 Hamilton leads Raikkonen by 15.9 seconds, followed by Webber (21.0s), Rosberg (27.4s), Kovalainen (35.8s), Glock (38.2s), Button (53.2s), Trulli (63.7s), Nakajima (64.7s) and Barrichello (65.3s) in tenth place.

The order remained the same to the line.

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