Start, Italian GP 2006

Start, Italian GP 2006 

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With acrimony still in the air after the qualifying penalty against Fernando Alonso, the grid forms up. Takuma Sato starts from the pitlane.

* Lap 1: At the start Kimi Raikkonen gets away well with Michael Schumacher behind him while a fast-starting Robert Kubica goes down the inside, despite a detremined shove from Felipe Massa, and grabs third at the first corner. Nick Heidfeld is fourth with Massa fifth ahead of Jenson Button, Pedro de la Rosa and Fernando Alonso. In the first Lesmo Massa overtakes Heidfeld and Button overtakes the BMW as well before the end of the lap. Kimi finishes the lap a second ahead of Michael with Kubica 1.9secs behind the Ferrari. Massa is fourth with Button behind him and Heidfeld coming under attack from Alonso. De la Rosa is eighth, chased by Giancarlo Fisichella, Rubens Barrichello and Nico Rosberg.

* Lap 2: Raikkonen sets the fastest lap of the race to take his lead to 1.4secs. Kubica is dropping back but is holding his own against Massa. Further back Alonso outbrakes Heidfeld for sixth as they go into the first chicane. He overshoots slightly but the move is fair. Further back Mark Webber passes David Coulthard for 13th place and Ralf Schumacher passes Tonio Liuzzi for 16th.

* Lap 3: The order is set.

* Lap 4: At the back Christijan Albers overtakes Tiago Monteiro for 19th position.

* Lap 5: Sato catches and overtakes Sakon Yamamoto for 21st.

* Lap 9: The order is unchanged with Raikkonen maintaining the same gap to Michael Schumacher. The gap to Kubica has grown to almost 10secs but Massa is still behind him. There is then a small gap to Button with Alonso on his tail. Rosberg slows suddenly and drops to the tail of the field to retire with a mechanical problem. This promotes de la Rosa to 11th with Webber 12th.

* Lap 14: Pedro de la Rosa pits and drops from eighth to 16th.

* Lap 15: Raikkonen heads for the pits and Michael Schumacher goes into the lead with Kubica 15secs behind but still holding back Massa. Raikkonen re-emerges in seventh place,

* Lap 17: Schumacher stops and Kubica moves into the lead with Massa still on his tail. Button is up to third with Alonso fourth and Heidfeld fifth. Michael gets out just ahead of Raikkonen.

* Lap 18: Pedro de la Rosa passes Liuzzi for 15th place. At the back Yamamoto pits.

* Lap 19: Massa heads for the pits and so Button moves to second place with Heidfeld third as Alonso also goes into the pits. Massa re-emerges in eighth place while Alonso falls back to 10th. Down at the back Albers pits and drops from 18th to 20th.

* Lap 20: Kubica continues to lead but Button heads for the pits and Heidfeld moves to second with Michael third and Kimi fourth.

* Lap 21: Heidfeld stops and so Michael moves to second with Kimi third. Fisichella is up to fourth with Barrichello fifth and Massa sixth. De la Rosa slows and retires with mechanical trouble.

* Lap 22: Kubica pits and drops back to fourth place. Michael Schumacher moves into the lead with Raikkonen behind him and Fisichella (obviously on a one-stop strategy) up to third. It is announced that Heidfeld is under investigation for speeding in the pitlane.

* Lap 24: With the one-stop runners still to pit, the situation is still not clear. In the midfield Scott Speed overtakes Coulthard for 12th place. At the same time Ralf Schumacher locks up and goes over the first chicane.

* Lap 25: Heidfeld heads for the pits for a drive-through penalty for speeding in the pits. This drops him from eighth to 11th. Down at the back Sato pits.

* Lap 26: Fisichella comes into the pits and drops from third to 10th

* Lap 28: Massa has an off in the Lesmo but stays in fifth place. Further back Ralf Schumaacher and Monteiro both pit as well.

* Lap 29: Michael has been building up his lead and is now three seconds ahead of Raikkonen. Sixth-placed Trulli stops and drops down the order to 12th position. Also stopping is Scott Speed. While this is happening Christian Klien overtakes Liuzzi for 14th place.

* Lap 30: Barrichello heads for the pits and falls back from fourth to ninth. Webber also stops and drops from eighth to 13th. Liuzzi also stops and drops from 14th to 16th.

* Lap 32: David Coulthard pits for the first time and drops back from 10th to 13th.

* Lap 33: Heidfeld overtakes Fisichella for seventh place.

* Lap 35: Klien is the last man to come in for his first stop. He falls behind 11th-placed Webber.

* Lap 38: Raikkonen heads for the pits for his second stop. He has a big enough lead over Kubica to remain in second place.

* Lap 39: Schumacher comes and goes in the pits but remains in the lead. He is followed in by Massa. Felipe drops from fifth place to seventh.

* Lap 40: Heidfeld is still in sixth despite his penalty stop. He stops and falls back to 10th.

* Lap 41: Kubica, Alonso and Button all pit at the same time. The fight is on to get out first and Alonso and Kubica leave the pitlane side-by-side. Fernando has the advantage as the two cars accelerate away and so Alonso is third. Button's stop drops him back from fifth to seventh. The order now seesm to be decided with Michael leading Kimi by four seconds and then a gap of 20secs back to Alonso who quickly pulls away from Kubica and Massa. Fisichella is sixth with Button seventh and Barrichello eighth. Trulli is ninth ahead of Heidfeld and Webber, who is followed by a jumble of Red Bull cars and Ralf Schumacher's Toyota.

* Lap 44: Alonso suffers a big engine blow-up at the first chicane. Massa misses his braking point and locks up hugely and flatspots his front right tyre to such an extent that he heads for the pits. This drops him from fourth to ninth.

* Lap 49: Liuzzi passes Ralf Schumacher for 14th.

* Lap 53: Michael Schumacher wins his 90th Formula 1 victory. Raikkonen is second with an ecstatic Kubica third in only his third Grand Prix. Giancarlo Fisichella comes home fourth to give Renault some points but Ferrari movees into the lead in the Constructors' Championship, with a three-point advantage over Renault. In the Drivers' Championship Schumacher's win takes him to within two points of Alonso with three races to go. Honda picks up seven points with fifth and sixth places for Button and Barrichello while Trulli gets to the line just ahead of Heidfeld and Massa. Webber is the only other man who is unlapped at the finish.