Vitantonio Liuzzi, Turkish GP 2006

Vitantonio Liuzzi, Turkish GP 2006 

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* Lap 1: At the start of the race Felipe Massa takes the lead from Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso but behind them there is a mess as Giancarlo Fisichella is hit by Nick Heidfeld. Fisichella spins and behind him there is chaos and confusion with Kimi Raikkonen avoiding the mess but then being hit from behind by Ralf Schumacher and Scott Speed hit Pedro de la Rosa. Tiago Monteiro and Takuma Sato are also involved. Monteiro retires on the spot. The track is covered in debris but no Safety Car is despatched. At the end of the lap Massa leads Schumacher and Alonso with Mark Webber fourth, Jenson Button fifth, Nico Rosberg sixth, Tonio Liuzzi seventh and Robert Kubica eighth. Ralf Schumacher, Fisichella, Raikkonen, Heidfeld, Speed and Sato all pit.

* Lap 2: Massa is ahead by 2.5secs while Michael is second but able to stay ahead of Alonso. Webber if fourth but cannot keep up. There is no Safety Car, an amazing decision given the debris all over the track. Liuzzi is overtaken by Rosberg, Kubica and Klien. Further back Barrichello moves up from 14th to 11th.

* Lap 3: Raikkonen goes off and crashes at Turn 4. There is no apparent reason for the incident but may have been a suspension problem. Webber is overtaken by Button for fourth place.

* Lap 4: Rosberg is overtaken for sixth by Kubica.

* Lap 5: Massa's lead is three seconds with Michael able to pull away from Alonso. Webber is under pressure from Kubica for fifth while further back de la Rosa overtakes Liuzzi for ninth.

* Lap 7: There is still plenty of action down through the field but at the front Massa is 3.6secs ahead of Michael. Fernando is a further 5.4secs behind. Further back Webber and Kubica battle for fifth. David Coulthard overtakes Liuzzi for 11th place.

* Lap 12: The order is the same but the gaps have changed with Michael closing to two seconds of Massa while Alonso drops back to be seven seconds down on Michael. There is then a gap of about five seconds to Button.

* Lap 13: Liuzzi spins at the first corner. The car coming to rest on the racing line. There is no question that a Safety Car is needed but it is still some time before the decision is made while this is happening Barrichello overtakes Coulthard for 11th.

* Lap 14: It is very busy in the pits with Massa, Schumacher, Alonso, Button, Webber and Kubica stopping. Michael loses time as he waits for Massa to be sent out on his way and the result was that Alonso gets out ahead of Schumacher. Button stays fourth but Rosberg, Klien, de la Rosa, Jarno Trulli, Barrichello and Coulthard do not stop and so are ahead of Webber, Kubica, Ralf Schumacher and Fisichella. Further back Christijan Albers and Sakon Yamamoto both stop as well.

* Lap 17: The race restarts with Massa once again pulling away while Michael, who has a bigger fuel load, is unable to close on Fernando.

* Lap 18: The order is the same but further down the field Fisichella passes Trulli for 13th and further back Speed passes Yamamoto for 16th.

* Lap 19: Massa increases his lead to 2.4secs. Further back Kubica and Fisichella both overtake Webber to move up to 11th and 12th.

* Lap 20: Massa continues to pull away. Fisichella overtakes Kubica for 11th. Trulli overtakes Webber for 13th.

* Lap 21: Massa's lead is up to 3.2secs. Further back de la Rosa passes Klien for sixth place.

* Lap 23: The lead continues to grow and Michael is making no impact on Alonso. Button is a distant fourth with Rosberg fifth and de la Rosa sixth although both need to stop. Klien is seventh with Trulli eighth and Barrichello ninth but all three need to stop as well. Further back Ralf Schumacher passes Kubica for 12th.

* Lap 24: Speed passes Albers for 15th.

* Lap 25: Massa gets the lead up to five seconds. Further back Rosberg, Trulli and Coulthard all head for the pits. Heidfeld, a lap down, also pits.

* Lap 26: Klien stops

* Lap 27: Sixth-placed Barrichello pits while further back Speed also had a pit stop.

* Lap 28: Michael goes wide in Turn Eight and loses three and a half seconds to Alonso.

* Lap 30: Fifth-placed De la Rosa and sixth-placed Fisichella both come into the pits

* Lap 32: Ralf Schumacher is up to fifth but has to pit and so drops back down the order to 12th.

* Lap 34: Michael Schumacher is getting faster as his fuel load gets lighter. He sets the fastest lap of the race but is still more than seven seconds behind Alonso. Fifth-placed Kubica stops and rejoins back in 14th.

* Lap 38: Massa's lead is up to nine seconds and Alonso is 7.2secs clear of Schumacher. Further back Barrichello passes Webber for sixth place. Albers pits and drops from ninth to 15th.

* Lap 39: Massa, Alonso and Button all stop. Webber also comes into the pits. Michael Schumacher takes the lead. Massa is second with Alonso third. Button stays fourth but Webber falls from seventh to 14th.

* Lap 40: Both Kubica and Webber run wide in Turn Eight.

* Lap 41: Michael Schumacher sets the fastest lap

* Lap 43: Michael pits. Massa goes back into the lead with Alonso 10secs behind him. Michael rejoins third, right behind Fernando. Button is 10secs behind them. Fifth is de la Rosa on a one-stop strategy.

* Lap 44: Barrichello pits from sixth and drops to ninth. This puts Fisichella up to sixth with Ralf seventh and Trulli eighth but he stops and the place goes to Coulthard.

* Lap 45: Coulthard stops and so Ralf is back in eighth place.

* Lap 46: Albers stops out on the circuit.

* Lap 48: Massa is slowing a little but Alonso is also slowing, in order to avoid getting into traffic and to control Michael. This means that fourth-placed Button is able to close up on the three leaders. Battles are also developing further back with de la Rosa coming under pressure from Fisichella for fifth place and Ralf under attack from Barrichello for seventh.

* Lap 55: Michael Schumacher sets the fastest lap of the race. Coulthard goes into the pits from 11th place and retires.

* Lap 58: Massa wins his first F1 victory. Alonso controls Schumacher all the way to the flag and the two cars cross the line separated by 0.08secs. Button is 6.6secs behind the pair in fourth with de la Rosa holding off Fisichella for fifth and Ralf holding on to seventh despite pressure from Barrichello. Alonso moves to 12 points ahead in the Drivers' title but Ferrari closes to within two points of Renault in the Constructors' title.