Nick Heidfeld, Ralf Schumacher, Bahrain GP 2006

Nick Heidfeld, Ralf Schumacher, Bahrain GP 2006 

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As the cars line up on the pre-grid, Tiago Monteiro goes into the pits and stays there. The Super Aguri team is also in trouble as the mechanics are late away from Yuji Ide's car before the start of the parade lap, which means he will be given a drive-through penalty. Otherwise all is well as the cars line up for the start.

* Lap 1: Fernando Alonso makes a quick start and is challenging Felipe Massa for second place at the first corner, while Jenson Button is slow off the line and falls behind Alonso, Juan Pablo Montoya and Rubens Barrichello. Massa holds off the Spaniard at the first corner but cannot hold him back later in the lap and so Alonso is second. Further back Massa is under attack from Montoya with Barrichello and Button having a lively scrap for fifth place. Next up is Giancarlo Fisichella in the second Renault ahead of Mark Webber and Christian Klien. Kimi Raikkonen has a good first lap and moves from 22nd to 13th. Towards the back of the field there is excitement as Nico Rosberg spins and Christijan Albers retires at the first corner. Rosberg pits at the end of the lap. Nick Heidfeld has a bad first lap and drops to 19th.

* Lap 2: At the front Michael Schumacher tries to break away from Alonso but the Renault is quick even though it is obviously carrying more fuel than the Ferrari. Behind them the two Hondas change places twice in the course of the lap while Klien scrambles ahead of Webber in the course of the second lap. Further back Jarno Trulli passes Scott Speed for 14th place and Nick Heidfeld is on the move after a poor start moving past the two Super Aguris.

* Lap 3: Schumacher continues to try to break away and extends his lead to 1.9secs. Further back Jacques Villeneuve passes David Coulthard for 10th place and Kimi Raikkonen continues to move through the field, passing Tonio Liuzzi for 12th.

* Lap 4: Button passes Barrichello for fifth place and this time pulls away. Klien, who is running quickly moves ahead of Fisichella to take seventh place. Raikkonen passes Coulthard for 11th.

* Lap 5: Michael's lead is 2.3secs and Alonso has Massa on his tail with Montoya right there too. Further back Liuzzi passes Coulthard for 12th and Heidfeld moves ahead of Ralf Schumacher to take 16th. Monteiro is also on the move, passing Takuma Sato.

* Lap 6: Heidfeld continues his progress passing Speed for 15th.

* Lap 7: Michael continues to pull away. Down at the back Ide goes into the pits for his penalty.

* Lap 8: Felipe Massa spins and very nearly crashes into Alonso at the first corner. The Ferrari driver rejoins but pits at the end of the lap and there is a problem with a wheel gun and he loses 46secs before he gets going again. He is last. In the midfield Heidfeld passes Trulli for 14th.

* Lap 10: Alonso begins to close the gap while behind them Button is challenging Montoya for third place. Webber overtakes Fisichella to take seventh place. Down at the back Massa passes Ide for 21st.

* Lap 11: Button passes Montoya and takes third. Further back Ralf Schumacher passes Speed for 15th.

* Lap 12: Trulli goes into the pits and falls from 15th to 18th.Rosberg passes Sato for 17th.

* Lap 15: Michael heads for the pits, revealing that he was running with less fuel than the other frontrunners. Alonso takes the lead. Schuamcher rejoins in fourth place. Further back Heidfeld continues his progress to pass Coulthard for 12th.

* Lap 16: Barrichello pits and falls from fifth to 12th. Fisichella also stops and drops back to 15th. Down at the back Massa passes Sato.

* Lap 17: Heidfeld pits and falls from 10th to 15th. At the back Ide pits and misses his stopping mark and is pashed out of the was as Sato is due to pit.

* Lap 18: Button heads for the pits and drops from second to eighth. Further back Fisichella overtakes Speed for 13th. Monteiro and Sato are also in the pits.

* Lap 19: Alonso stops and so Montoya takes the lead with Schumacher second and Alonso rejoining in third. Klien is fourth with Webber fifth and Raikkonen up to sixth. Villeneuve is next with Button behind him. The order remains the same but Sato pits again with a problem, the first of several stops.

* Lap 21: Fisichella slows and retires with a mechanical problem.

* Lap 22: Klien stops and is followed into pitlane by Liuzzi and Trulli. This promotes Raikkonen to fifth.

* Lap 23: Montoya pits and so Michael takes the lead again but Alonso is right behind him and pushing hard. Webber pits and drops from fourth to seventh. Also stopping is Villeneuve who falls from sixth to ninth.

* Lap 25: Speed makes his first stop after a long first stint but he falls from 13th to 17th.

* Lap 26: Ralf Schumacher pits a second time and falls from 13th to 17th.

* Lap 27: Rosberg pits and falls from 11th to 14th.

* Lap 29: The pressure at the front is unrelenting by Schumacher holds off Alonso. Raikkonen is still going in third but has to stop soon and Button is looking feisty as he passes Montoya for fourth.

* Lap 30: Raikkonen pits and falls from third to sixth. At the same time Coulthard has his first stop but falls from seventh to ninth. Behind them Villeneuve goes out with a smoky engine failure.

* Lap 32: Massa stops again and loses two places in the midfield. Further back Ralf Schumacher passes Jarno Trulli but the two Toyotas are off the pace and are about to be lapped.

* Lap 34: Massa passes Barrichello for 12th place.

* Lap 35: Heidfeld stops again and loses a couple of places.

* Lap 36: Michael Schumacher pits and Alonso goes into the lead, a long away clear of Button. Michael is third.

* Lap 37: Rosberg passes Coulthard for ninth place.

* Lap 39: The key moment of the race is when Alonso goes into the pits. Button takes the lead but Alonso scrambles out and grabs the first corner from Michael. Also pitting are Webber and Liuzzi. The Australian drops from fifth to seventh while the Italian falls to 10th.

* Lap 40: Button pits for the last time. Alonso goes into the lead with Michael WSchumacher on his tail.

* Lap 41: Klien pits and drops from sixth to eighth. Liuzzi has a spin but does not lose a position.

* Lap 43: Rosberg pits again and falls behind the two Red Bulls. He is soon on the warpath again.

* Lap 44: Montoya stops for the last time and so Raikkonen moves to third. Button is fourth and Montoya fifth. The race is on to the flag. Further down the field Massa is on the move, trying to pass Liuzzi for 10th.

* Lap 48: The battle for the lead continues but there is more excitement in third with Raikkonen under attack from Button. Massa finally passes Liuzzi and immediately begins to pull away.

* Lap 49: Rosberg passes Coulthard for eighth place and gets into the points on his F1 debut.

* Lap 52: Schumacher closes right up to Alonso but he cannot find a way ahead. Button is still stuck behind Raikkonen but continues to look for a way to pass. massa closes in on Coulthard for ninth.

* Lap 54: Schumacher's bolt is shot. Alonso begins to edge away and Michale cannot respond. Raikkonen remains under attack from Button. Massa overtakes Coulthard.

* Lap 56: Rosberg catches and passes Klien to move to seventh place.

* Lap 57: Alonso wins the race with Schumacher right behind him. Raikkonen and Button cross the line together in third and fourth. Montoya is a distant fifth with Webber sixth. Rosberg is seventh with Klien taking the last point. Massa ends up ninth with Coulthard tenth and Liuzzi 11th. A lap down are Heidfeld, Speed, Ralf Schumacher, Barrichello and Trulli.