Changes for testing?

The Formula 1 team bosses have not met for several months now and as a result there has been some confusion about what is going to happen about the testing regulations for next year. We hear that recently, in an effort to define what is happening, one team boss circulated the others to discover whether or not the agreements made at Suzuka last year still stand. We hear that one team did not confirm the agreements and brought into question the issue of whether or not there should be testing in August next year as the provisional Formula 1 calendar no longer includes a week's break for the teams. This seems to be an attempt to force a change to the calendar by threatening to throw the testing issue wide open again.

The implication in all this is that the team bosses need to get together again to talk matters through but at the moment there are apparently no plans for any meetings in the foreseeable future - a rather curious situation given the problems which currently need to be settled.

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