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JUNE 25, 2001

Irvine tips sibling rivalry to boil over

EDDIE IRVINE has backed Williams to be challenging Ferrari for the world championship next year, increasing the battle between the Schumacher brothers.

Irvine expects Ferrari driver Michael to be comfortable with his lead this year -- he has a 43-point advantage over Ralf -- but refused to rule out the possibility of a last minute push by the Williams driver.

"They've got a lot to be happy about," Irvine said. "I don't think he (Michael) will be worried this year, it's next year.

"If Williams and Ralf are strong again and they get the reliability sorted out he could be fighting for the championship with his brother.

"This year it could still happen, the points difference is quite a lot but if Ralf wins and Michael doesn't score, perhaps twice, all of a sudden it's game on boys."