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MAY 18, 2001

Villeneuve says future is with BAR

JACQUES VILLENEUVE has targeted a top-three placing for British American Racing after pledging his allegiance to the Brackley-based team.

Villeneuve is on contract with BAR until the end of 2002 and he is determined to stay with the team and carry on with hit plan to take them to the top.

"There's no doubt right now," said Villeneuve. "I'm not planning on going anywhere else.

"I am concentrating on this project and I don't have leaving in my mind. It's not what will it take to make me stay, it's more would something make me leave.

"The team has to be in the top three in the constructors," Villeneuve warned. "These are the minimum expectations and the minimum results acceptable.

"If the team works well we should be able to reach it - there's only McLaren and Ferrari that aren't catchable this year.

Villeneuve half-joked that it is getting a good contract that is most important to him, not the results.

"I had my best contract last year so that didn't go down, it's just the results that have gone down," he said, adding: "I get less attention from the media so that makes life easier.