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NOVEMBER 16, 2000

Jordan's Bell welcomes traction control

BOB BELL, head of vehicle technology at Jordan, has welcomed the possibility of traction control returning to Formula One.

The sport's governing body, the Federation Internationale l'Automobile (FIA), has been unable to regulate traction control, which reduces wheelspin on a car, in the past and are set to reintroduce it into Formula One.

A number of technical directors have added their weight behind the system - including McLaren's Adrian Newey - and Bell also believes that bringing traction control back would prevent accusations of teams attempting to bend the rules.

"We believe that these changes will eliminate the damaging controversy surrounding alleged abuses of the technical regulations," Bell said. "At the same time it makes the FIA's job of policing it manageable.

"It is in the best interests of the sport and also presents a valuable opportunity to maintain F1's status as the technical pinnacle of motorsport.

"Jordan welcomes the changes and we feel well positioned to deal with the technical implications."