• McLaren-Mercedes (GB)


    McLaren has not won a World Championship since 1999 and that has made life difficult for a team that once dominated the sport. The team has an exciting new line up with Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton and a new partner in Vodafone. Hopes are high that the team can return to its winning ways.

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  • Renault (F)


    Renault F1 has been the dominant force in Formula 1 in the last couple of seasons but the departure of Fernando Alonso to McLaren caught the team out and so it was decided to promote new boy Heikki Kovalainen to be Giancarlo Fisichella's team mate in 2007. The pre-season testing suggested that the team had dropped behind the opposition a little.

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  • Scuderia Ferrari (I)

    Scuderia Ferrari

    The departure of Michael Schumacher and the disappearance from F1 of a number of key Ferrari figures should have knocked the team back but in testing Ferrari still seems to have an advantage. The fight between Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen - a straight fight - should be interesting.

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  • Honda (JPN)


    Honda's efforts in Formula 1 have moved the old BAR team forward but to date the 2007 car has yet to get anyone talking - apart from the fact that it has a new and interesting form of sponsorship. The technical package needs work.

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  • BMW Sauber (CH)

    BMW Sauber

    The old Sauber team is on the move up towards the front of the grid and the testing times in the winter have been impressive. The reliability has been poor but BMW has set itself lofty goals for success and the team will be driving on towards them with Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica.

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  • Toyota (JPN)


    Toyota has failed to impress with its efforts in Formula 1 thus far and the firing of Mike Gascoyne last year put the team into a downward spiral that some of those involved have yet to even realise is going on. The Japanese firm needs a serious rethink if it is to win races in F1.

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  • Red Bull Racing (GB)

    Red Bull Racing

    The team that started out life as Stewart Grand Prix and was then Jaguar has been Red Bull Racing for the last two years. The team has lot of money and some star names but the one thing missing is performance. The new RB3 chassis has been a disappointment to date.

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  • WilliamsF1 (GB)


    The last of the independent racing teams, Williams had a shocking season in 2006 but is aiming to bounce back and will probably embarrass its engine supplier Toyota this year. Pre-season testing has been very promising and Williams hopes to be back where it belongs in 2007. Fighting for victory.

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  • Scuderia Toro Rosso (I)

    Scuderia Toro Rosso

    The old Minardi team is running cars that look a lot like Red Bulls but the Ferrari engines in the back seem to have given the team an advantage over its sister operation Red Bull Racing. Tonio Liuzzi and Scott Speed have a lot of potential but is the team up to the job yet?

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  • Spyker F1

    Spyker F1

    The latest incarnation of the Jordan team is the Ferrari-powered Spyker. The team has suffered badly in recent years because of lack of investment but the team hopes things will change now that Mike Gascoyne is onboard. The Dutch ownership seems to have access to cash - so there is some hope.

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  • Super Aguri (JPN)

    Super Aguri

    Aguri Suzuki's first season as a Formula 1 team boss was a long and painful one but the team has great spirit and there is clearly going to be an improvement in 2007. The big question is just how much improvement we are talking about.

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